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BoxHead 2 is the sequel in the Boxhead series and comes with additional features. It allows for two players to play the game. It has three modes: Single player, Deathmatch and Cooperative. The Single mode only allows the player to play alone, the Deathmatch allows the player to fight against a friend and the Cooperative mode enables the player to share the screen through a split screen and allows the player to kill the zombies with a friend. The main aim of the game is to stay alive. The player has to fight against zombies and hordes in order to survive. This can be done by using weapons to defeat the zombies. There is up to 10 different weapons available for fighting e.g grenades, pistols, shotguns and etc. The game BoxHead 2 allows the player to choose from four types of characters. The more the zombies are killed, the greater the chances of game level up, increase in damage bonuses and the player gets more weapons. The game allows the player to configure their own controls, don’t waste your time other games, this is the only one wich will give you incredible imotions.

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